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Asylum - Morne - Asylum

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  1. Asylum is the second full length album from sludgy post metallers Morne. Despite their crust punk and sludge influences, Morne’s sound is crisp and clean cut /5.
  2. AA Morne - Asylum 2xLP by Alerta Antifascista Records, released 1. Asylum 2. Edge Of The Sky 3. Nothing To Remain 4. I Will See You 5. Killing Fields 6. .
  3. Jul 17,  · The moody sludge metal Morne blares out on their second record, “Asylum,” has an eerie similarity to mid ‘90s Neurosis. However, “Asylum” is not some cut-and-paste copycat job done by the band. In fact, "Asylum" is a launching pad to a sonic realm of suffocating riffs and spacey keyboards.
  4. Morne's Asylum is a strange listen for me. Sonically, the album fits mostly into a sludge metal framework. The guitar tone is pure sludge, as are the hoarse, caveman vocals. It also draws on doom and post-metal, with a slow tempo and wave after wave of subtly changing power chords. Keyboards dance quietly atop those waves, barely rippling the surface.
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